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A very warm welcome to my website! I’m Sheena, and I LOVE teaching Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation.

Despite how technologically advanced our World is today, many people feel like there’s something missing in their lives. I believe that ‘missing something’ is a deep connection with our souls – the core of who we really are.

Since the age of 19, Chi Kri Yoga has been the most powerful key in my life that has helped me get back in touch with my soul and unlocked my potential. Not only has it made me fitter and healthier, it’s also trained my mind to be calm and strong, and filled my heart with an unconditional source of peace, happiness and love.

It’s had such a profound impact on my health and wellbeing that my life’s purpose is now to share everything I have learnt (and continue to do so) with others.

I currently teach group and private classes (including 121s) in North West London, mainly in Hatch End & Rayners Lane. I am also very passionate about bringing yoga to young people in schools and universities. Enjoy exploring my website, find the right class for you, and drop me a little message afterwards with your thoughts!

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