My live online classes take place twice a week in my private ‘Yoga At Home With Sheena’ Facebook Group on:

Monday Evenings : 7.00 – 8.00 PM (BST)

Thursday evenings : 7.00 – 8.00 PM (BST)

…don’t worry if you are not free during these times to participate live, you can rewatch the class later when it’s convenient for you*. 



Personal Yoga Package : £48

This gives you (1 person) access to my Facebook Group for 8 classes (4 consecutive weeks).

Drop in Yoga Class : £13  

This gives you 24 hour access to my Facebook Group to participate in one live class or access a video of a previous class. If you’ve never done a class with me before, you can do a trial class once for £5.



You Can Rewatch Classes*

The videos of each class will remain in my private Facebook Group for at least 4 weeks after the live class, so you can rewatch them anytime during your Yoga Package membership.

Join A Positive Community

Being connected with friendly, like minded souls can be invaluable in helping your personal development. You can ask me questions if you need help with your yoga practice, and we can all uplift each other and grow together during challenging times.

Receive Bonus Extras

Once in a while, I will surprise you with helpful additional content (e.g. a Spotify Yoga Playlist) and more to enhance your Yoga experience!

£10 Inspire A Yogi Discount

Anytime you inspire someone new to book a Yoga Package with me based on your recommendation, you will receive a £10 discount on your next booking with me.  



To book your place, please pick one of the options above and make an online bank transfer for the appropriate amount using the account details below…

Account Name : Miss S Shah
Account Number : 17871743
Sort Code : 09-01-27

Please email me at once you have paid, I will send you a link to my private Facebook Group.



Yoga with me is a special journey designed to help you feel the power of your soul..

A typical class with me will contain a warm up, a variety of yoga poses and dynamic sequences, and end with yoga philosophy, meditation and relaxation. 

All my classes are mixed ability…I offer detailed instructions and challenging variations of poses, so whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, I will make sure you get a fantastic workout! 

Alongside this, all my classes are uniquely infused with wisdom, inspiration and practical tools that will help you achieve victory in your mind, which in turn, will set you free to soar in every area of your life…


Here are just a few of the things you may notice after practicing Yoga regularly with me:

  • Your body is becoming more flexible, agile and mobile….just like it was when were when you were a child! 
  • Your back isn’t as stiff, your posture has improved and your spine is stronger and more supple. 
  • Your core and and upper body muscles are stronger and you’re becoming more toned! 
  • You have more energy throughout the day, you feel healthier and you don’t fall ill as often! This is because yoga helps to detoxify your internal organs, improves your circulation and boosts your immune system. 
  • You worry less, you sleep better and you feel more calm and peaceful within yourself! 
  • You can focus your mind better, you make wiser decisions and you feel more in tune with your soul in everything you do! 
  • You believe in yourself more than you ever have before…you feel confident, strong and ready to take on life! 


“I still remember my first yoga class with Sheena – what is so unique about Sheena’s classes is the personal touch Sheena brings to each and every class. Sheena really works hard making each class so different, reaching into your soul with the yoga she teaches and the wisdom she brings through her poetry, quotes and personal experiences.

For me personally, after trying out a gym yoga class which I found pretty generic, I then attended Sheena’s – I was astounded at the level of attention, love and genuine care Sheena put into teaching yoga to all her students, you don’t just learn yoga postures and poses, you learn how to listen to your soul, how to nurture your body and how to strengthen your mind.

The energy and positivity in every class is contagious and you certainly won’t be disappointed – I certainly haven’t been and nearly three years on, I’m still attending Sheena’s yoga classes and now training to be a yoga teacher myself, all from the incredible inspiration from Sheena…”


“I was in a rut at the gym and I had no motivation for exercise until I went to Sheena’s Yoga trial session. My misconceptions of yoga evaporated in that one class and I was hooked!

Sheena is passionate about yoga and that shows through in her classes. I enjoy her varied classes with mixed abilities and ages with her carefully selected motivational music.

Time flies in each session with a balance of a warm up, mix of core strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation techniques plus she gives words of inspiration and motivation to focus the mind.

It has helped with reducing my stress levels and I have never been so flexible. I have been going for over two years and can’t imagine life without Yoga. I would encourage anyone to attend one of Sheena’s classes”…