Thursday Yoga in Hatch End

Class Details


8:00 - 9:15 pm

The Girls Gym (of Hatch End High School)
Tillotson Road
(Off Headstone lane or Courtney Ave)

Whether you’re new to Yoga or have been practicing for years, this refreshing new Thursday night class is designed to help you recharge and rejuvenate after a long and tiring week.

Firstly, moving your body through traditional yoga poses and dynamic sequences will help to:

  • Stretch your Body, Release Tightness from your Muscles and Loosen your Joints
  • Build your Core Strength
  • Realign your Spine, Correct your Posture and Relieve Back Pain
  • Improve your Flexibility, Balance, Stamina, Concentration, Focus, Willpower and Co-ordination
  • Help your Digestive, Circulatory, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Lymphatic Systems to Function Optimally
  • Detoxify your Cells, Purify your Blood and Boost your Immunity


Come and try the class for just £5! Please contact me to check if spaces are available before attending. Click here to view term rates.

Alongside the physical practice, classes will always contain a combination of the following techniques (as well as others) to help you form a regular Meditation Practice:

Practical Meditations to help you quieten your mind, open your heart and reconnect with your soul

Aum Chanting to unblock your chakras and help energy flow more efficiently through your body

Powerful Affirmations to train your mind to think positively, spiritually and clearly

In addition, Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation classes will also contain:

Simple Pranayamas to help you quickly slow down your breath, calm your nervous system and let go off your worries

Deep Full Body Relaxations to ground you and help you get a peaceful night’s sleep

Yoga Philosophy and Wisdom to help you develop a successful mindset so you can overcome all of life’s challenges with calmness and confidence

World Famous scientific studies (including at Harvard Medical School and Oxford University) show that regular practice of such techniques are excellent for naturally alleviating Stress, Anxiety and Depression and helping you feel Happy and Healthy – Click Here to Read More!


Message from Deepa & Ankit…

Sheena’s beautiful and caring energy makes her a fantastic teacher. Her creativity made us look forward to every class, and sometimes we end up attending two classes a week!

Her favourite affirmation is “I am calm, l am peaceful, and I am relaxed” and this is exactly how you feel when you leave her class. We’d recommend Sheena’s class to anyone who wants a break from the world!

Message from Krupali…

Sheena has an incredible way of connecting with each and every student of hers, making us feel special and loved. She offers endless support and encouragement, both in class and outside. She is inspirational with her own strength and determination, setting the best example of reaching the highest standards, both physically and mentally. 

Yoga is refreshing, energising and great for toning and strengthening every muscle, and Meditation leaves you with a sense of peace, calmness, and positivity. Her classes are the highlight of my week! They give me something to look forward to, and to work on, for my own well-being and for a sense of accomplishment…

Message from Chandni…

Many people who want to start yoga think that ‘oh I can’t do it’ or ‘I’m not flexible enough!’’  

Sheena helps you fight your mental battles whilst she talks you through the poses – and I’ve found that when you go in with a positive mindset, you reach your potential and even go beyond.  

Sheena’s classes help me channel my energy in a much more positive way, and when we go through our affirmations, my week goes wonderfully to the extent that when I am back to work the next day, my team can really tell that I have attended a yoga class as my mind is at peace!

I’ve been attending Sheena’s classes for a year now and I can’t put it into words how much I love them – I am definitely a life-long-Yogi! Sheena constantly challenges us with new things and I can guarantee; I always leave with a smile on my face and peace in my heart, mind & soul.

Thank YOU Sheena for all your hard work, love & support and your dedication towards your students and Yoga! I couldn’t recommend her classes more as I want to share the gift Sheena has given through her teachings and Yoga to all…

Message from Nihal…

Sheena’s Yoga and Meditation sessions are the best part of my week! Ever since I first started, Sheena has been a continuous source of inspiration for me. Sheena’s immense passion for what she does makes her shine bright, and her classes are incredibly fun and fulfilling!

I am so grateful for the dedication she shows both in and out of class – it is clear that Sheena wants us, as her students, to soar high and become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Practicing Yoga has been challenging, but with Sheena’s help I have pushed myself both physically and mentally to achieve some of the very same poses that Sheena amazed me with at my first session, and made Meditation part of my daily routine! 

I couldn’t recommend her more highly, whether you are looking to build strength, or simply find some inner peace or still your mind…

Message from Lavni…

Someone once said to me, ‘the right yoga teacher is ultimately one you feel a connection with and are happy to learn from.’ For me, this is Sheena.

Sheena is a skilled and gifted teacher, who I trust. She has empowered me to explore my mind and body at a deeper level, and her soft enchanting voice and choice of music is something I look forward to every class!


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