Private Group Classes

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yug’ which means ‘Unity’ – so what better way to connect with those close to you than to do Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation with them. 

Whether it’s with family, friends, or work colleagues, private group classes are an excellent way to get fit, relax AND have fun together at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Over the past four years I’ve enjoyed teaching private classes to a variety of groups including:

* Staff and postdoctoral students at Eastman Dental Institute, University College London (UCL)

* GCSE Students at Whitmore High School (Harrow)

* Staff at Whitmore High School (Harrow)

* Primary School Children at Harlyn Primary School (Pinner)

* Primary School Children at Hedgewood Special Needs School (Hayes) 




With private group classes, not only do you get the exclusive advantage of being able to choose WHERE and WHEN you would like to have your Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation classes, you also get to tailor the classes to what you are looking for most from your practise! 

Whether it’s toning the body and building muscle strength through power poses, improving flexibility and posture through deep stretching, calming the mind through meditation, deepening your knowledge of spiritual philosophy, building stamina and burning calories through dynamic sequences, finding stability through balancing poses or a mixture of everything, the choice is yours!

Message from Wendy (Eastman Dental Institute, UCL)… 

“I had never attempted Yoga and was always in doubt about it. However, after first lesson with Sheena, I completely changed my attitude.

I felt that my body was surprisingly relaxed after just one hour of Chi Kri Yoga. Not only that, but I also learnt Meditation techniques to calm my mind. I enjoyed every single session with Sheena over the last year and recommend her to anyone who is looking for Yoga teacher.” 



Yoga in Primary Schools

“If every child in the world was taught to meditate, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation” – Dalai Lama

With their flexible bodies, their enthusiasm for life, and their imaginative minds, children are natural yogis! Studies all over the world are discovering that yoga and meditation have a tremendously positive effect on children at their key stages of development by:

* Improving concentration, focus and willpower
* Building confidence and self-belief
* Teaching children how to think positively and find peace within themselves
* Boosting memory and attention
* Stimulating creativity and self-expression
* Strengthening the functioning of all key bodily systems including (e.g. immune, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular, endocrine, muscular and skeletal systems)
* Encouraging correct posture and spinal alignment
* Developing friendships and key social skills

If you work in a school and would like to see yoga as an after-school club or part of a PE lesson please do get in touch with me!

Yoga for Teenagers and University Students

Yoga and meditation is also an invaluable tool for teenagers and university students in helping them find their stability and build their resilience during challenging periods of their lives.

Being 25 years old myself, I have a keen insight into the pressures young people face in today’s world, and how yoga can help tremendously in overcoming them peacefully and positively.

Since November 2014, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a group of 11-18 year old students at Whitmore High School to help them sit their exams calmly and fearlessly – with a smile on their face and self belief in their hearts.


Whitmore High School Review by a Year 11 Student…

“Friday Yoga Club is taught by a truly lovely lady, Sheena Shah. I adore her classes as she incorporates both the physical and spiritual / relaxation aspects of Chi Kri Yoga, invented by an ex-Whitmore student! Girls and boys attend and the ambiance of the room is very pleasant; everybody likes everybody. Everyone is at different levels but all are made welcome. 

We commence the sessions with poses and routines such as the Sun Salutation. Sheena explains what the movements resemble and symbolise. In Yoga, each pose has positive morals / teachings such as “even when you’re in pain or a difficult time in your life, you can be strong”. This would link with a challenging physical position that we would hold for as long as possible.

Furthermore, we learn to keep our head held high – it is all about being proud of who you are but more importantly having the confidence in yourself to achieve whatever it is you desire. We learn very interesting concepts such as that the soul is the positive part of you whilst the ego is the part of you that enjoys it when you feel atrocious about yourself or want to give up. Also, Sheena collects plus writes her own inspirational teachings which she hand out every session to us before explaining what we should understand from them.

We practise breathing techniques (which involves breathing from the stomach as opposed to the chest). Yoga can often be about becoming a more relaxed and content person, however, in contrast it can just simply be about trying something new and discovering new intriguing ways of thinking about life. 

Towards the end of the session we lie on the mats with the lights dimmed and go into relaxation mode. When we awake, we are ready to conquer the world!

A few words from other Whitmore High School students who attend the classes…

“Yoga helped me concentrate and stop stressing about my exams. It took all the stress out of my chest and gave me confidence.”

“Yoga really relaxed me, improved my state of mind and gave me the idea of listening to meditation music at home while doing homework.”

“The Yoga sessions made me feel very relaxed and not worried or stressed about what had previously happened that day. Thank you very much!”

“Yoga helped me focus and be calm when I had a stressful day and really helped me think about positive things.”


Private Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation Class Rates

Group size : 1 – 5 students
£75 for 60 minutes / £95 for 90 minutes

Group size : 6 – 11 students
£105 for 60 minutes / £125 for 90 minutes

Group Size : 12 – 18 students
£135 for 60 minutes / £155 for 90 minutes

Group Size : 19 – 25 students
£185 for 60 minutes / £195 for 90 minutes

Group Size : 26 – 32 students
£225 for 60 minutes / £245 for 90 minutes


Block Booking discount available if 10 classes are booked and paid for in advance – please contact me for more details. All classes must be completed within 6 months of purchase.


Please note that travel is free for locations up to 20 minutes away from Harrow on the Hill. Where applicable, relevant information regarding additional travel charges and so on will be sent to the student by email prior to booking.


Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount. Cancellations must be sent in by both email to and text message to +44(0) 7929 40 20 07. 

To arrange a Private Group Chi Kri Yoga Class, please click on the blue box below and drop me a message with your thoughts and ideas!

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