1-2-1 Classes

Life is tough! It’s not something we always admit aloud – but when faced with constant challenges, demands and pressures, it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves and neglect our health and wellbeing. Taking a little time out with someone you trust in a 1-2-1 Yoga session in the comfort of your own home or location of your choice can be the perfect antidote.

Through the sessions we will discuss your goals physically, mentally and spiritually and create practical tailor-made solutions that you can apply in your daily life to achieve them. Together we can practice a variety of empowering techniques including:

To help build strength and power in your body

Exercises to help you slow down your breath, detoxify your blood and calm your nervous system

To help you quieten your mind and get you through your day peacefully and happily

To train your mind to think positively, spiritually and clearly

To help you let go off stress and sleep better

To open blockages in your key energy centres

I’m someone you can open up to safely and in depth about anything in your life.
To the best of my ability, I will help you understand your life through a spiritual perspective and teach you how you can apply Yoga Philosophy to conquer your tests. 

Since April 2014, I have taught hundreds of individual sessions, and worked with a variety of students who have have approached me with a range of goals including : overcoming depression and anxiety, boosting confidence, building core strength, improving flexibility, learning how to meditate, training the mind to think positively, understanding yoga metaphysics and more.

My teaching approach is diligent, intuitive, and patient.  Getting to know my students well is important to me; I naturally have a very keen insight into how my student is feeling internally, and what sorts of negative thinking and behavioural patterns may be holding them back from fulfilling their potential. I will help you identify these and show you ways in which you can overcome them and achieve your goals.

Message from 1-2-1 student Dhruvni…

“Sheena’s transformed my understanding of the power of yoga. Unlike other teachers, she approaches her class with the aim of her students becoming warriors, seeing life as an opportunity to learn and to grow, able to find peace in themselves regardless of the world around them.

Her deep understanding of yoga means that she caters to my individual aims during our 1-2-1 sessions. We cover a wide range of yoga applications in each session, from chakra work, pranayama, and meditation to specific postures that develop my strength, balance, and flexibility.

With her help, I have now overcome severe anxiety and feel more empowered and self-aware than ever before. I’ve been to many teachers, but with Sheena I was able to do a Baby Crow for the first time ever!!

I couldn’t recommend her more as a yoga teacher – I have never met someone who so intuitively knows what you need and so patiently helps you achieve your peace – whilst making sure that you are always playing an active role in your development.”

Message from 1-2-1 student Nilam…

“When I was asked to write a testimonial for Sheena I was tempted to tell her to write whatever she wants herself and then put my name at the bottom of it.

Because honestly, I know that no statement exists that would be an exaggeration of the beauty that is Sheena’s skill, craft and art. I am thrilled to have the privilege of writing her a testimonial and I do so happily and proudly.

There is an endless list of wonderful things that can be said about Sheena’s teaching and devotion to yoga and all its principals, mind body and soul alike.

Through our 121 sessions, Sheena has taught me to seek the truth in its purest form. How to live this truth and how to strengthen all my innate qualities via beautiful postures. The detail and depth of her teachings not only physical but spiritual too are uplifting without fail and act as a constant reminder that life is all about aiming to react perfectly, not act perfectly.

I urge you strongly to give yoga with Sheena a try. I promise, you will feel re-energised, inspired and confident to take on life with readiness, joy and love. I certainly do!”

1-2-1 / Small Group Rates (Valid for up to 5 people)

60 minute session:

£75 for 1 class / £700 for 10 sessions (paid in advance and used within 12 months of purchase)

90 minute session :

£95 for 1 class / £850 for 10 sessions (paid in advance and used within 12 months of purchase)

120 minute session :

£115 for 1 class / £1000 for 10 sessions (paid in advance and used within 12 months of purchase)


Please note that travel is free for locations up to 20 minutes away from Harrow on the Hill. Where applicable, relevant information regarding additional travel charges and so on will be sent to the student by email prior to booking.


Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount. Cancellations must be sent in by both email to info@yogawithsheena.com and text message to +44(0) 7929 40 20 07. 

Message from 1-2-1 student Alison…

“I’ve really enjoyed my 121 Yoga and Meditation classes with Sheena. She’s a great teacher – patient, enthusiastic, encouraging. There’s always something different each week – new positions to try, new places to imagine, new chants and techniques. I’ve loved their calming influence and Sheena herself is an inspiration. Highly recommended!”

Message from 1-2-1 student Maya…

“Sheena’s 1-2-1 classes are perfect as I get individual attention for yoga poses that I find difficult, as well as tailored sequences that I can practice on my own and build up my body strength and flexibility. It is a safe space to ask questions about meditation, spirituality and life, and to practice affirmation techniques and chakra meditation to help me in my daily life. Sheena has incredible intuition and understanding for each and every one of her clients and I highly recommend these sessions to anyone!”

Message from Chi Kri Yoga Founder, Neil Patel…

“Sheena is an exceptionally passionate, genuine and dedicated Yoga teacher. She cares deeply about her students, classes, and teaching – I get the impression she gives to her students the same high standards she expects from herself.

The thing that makes her special is that she values yoga and Chi Kri teachings – and uses them in her own life – and that faith and belief is evident in her classes. I personally have immense trust in her potential to deliver excellent yoga classes for many decades to come!”

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