Valentines Special Yoga Class

Did you know that the word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yug’, meaning ‘Unity’?

Given this, you can imagine how blessed I felt to be starting my Valentines day doing Chi Kri Yoga with my students (yes, that’s them in the pictures)! We wore pink or green to reflect the colours of the heart chakra, and we enjoyed a special class full of heart-opening poses, music, and yoga philosophy on love.

I began by reading a poem that I wrote for my students on what yoga has taught me about Unconditional Love, and at the end of class, everybody took home an inspirational quote on the Power of Love – see below!

If you’d like to come and do some yoga with me and this incredible group of souls, drop me a message at or give me a call anytime on 07929 40 20 07, we would LOVE for you to join us!




As you step forward onto your mat today
Remember “Yoga” means “Unity”, and Love is the way
But to ordinary ears true love is silent; she seeks only the strong
Only those who bow down her, will forever hear her song

So as you surrender humbly in Child leave your ego behind
Look beyond race, religion and boundaries residing in your mind
To all these divisions, true love is blind
For love sees that inside every body, the same heart you will find

As you bend forward and touch your toes,
Extend the arm of compassion to both your friends and your foes
Hold out your hand but don’t point the finger of blame
God’s love for both saint and sinner forever remains the same

As you spread your wings in Pigeon, ready to fly
Don’t be afraid to soar high in the sky
Illuminate the world, and set your soul free
Drink the spirit of love and be intoxicated in ecstacy

As you become a Warrior and go into battle with your fears
Bravely lift up your sword of strength, and wipe away your tears
Against your enemy the ego, peace is your greatest weapon
Wisdom is your teacher, and unconditional love is your lesson

As you stand up tall in Tree
Practice the art of staying steady
Plant your seeds and nurture them patiently
Your flowers will blossom when your soul is ready

And as you finally lie down on the ground
Listen for the beat of your heart, it’s a powerful sound
Let go the past, for only then can your soul heal
Be fully open in this moment, and true love you will feel…



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