Quotes & Poems

Do You Hang Out With Champions?

Your time and energy are precious.

Use them wisely.

Surround yourself with people who challenge you to raise your game.

Surround yourself with people whose mindset you want to adopt.

Surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to stand out.

Don’t die mediocre.

Be brave!

Follow the love in your heart and the wisdom of your soul.

This is your moment.

This is your life.

Evolve and Shine.

It's all Just a Mind Game

Spend time in solitude and seek stillness within
With every battle you face, train your mind to win

There is a place inside you that is eternally free
From the delusion of fear, pain or misery

Dissolve the conditions that limit your power
Like the pressure of a second, a minute or even an hour

Don’t let the concept of Time trap you in a box
The journey of your life cannot be dictated by a clock

Victory is maximizing your potential in each moment
So wherever you are let your Soul be potent

A successful mind remains calm when tested
Be wise and examine where your energy is invested

Express the best in you as you play God’s Game
And let conquering your self be your ultimate aim

– Sheena Shah

Be The One

Be the silent one in a world so loud

Be the one brave enough to step away from the crowd

Be a pillar of strength that never crumbles

Be a warrior who laughs each time he stumbles

Be the one who isn’t afraid to dream

Be the one who stays calm when others scream

Be the one who conquers all with love

Be a symbol of peace just like the dove

Be the one who sits forever in his soul

Watching the world from afar, and smiling through it all

Be untouched by darkness and you will see

That my yogi, is the key to being free

– Sheena Shah


When I wake up, peace awakens with me
When I breathe, peace breathes with me
When I meditate, peace meditates with me
When I think, peace thinks with me
When I talk, peace talks with me
When I walk, peace walks with me
When I eat, peace eats with me
When I work, peace works with me
When I love, peace loves with me
When I live, peace lives with me
And when I sleep peace sleeps with me

Fear tricks you into believing Peace is far away from you,

But the Truth is…

Peace is not estranged from you,

Peace is already your loyal friend.

You don’t need to go outside and find Peace,

For every moment of every day, Peace is inside your heart, waiting patiently for you to invite it back into your life.

The moment you remember the closeness of your relationship with Peace, you will feel Peace standing lovingly by your side, ready for you to embrace it.

– Sheena Shah

The Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior prays not to be protected from life’s battles

But to find the courage to conquer them fearlessly

The Spiritual Warrior prays not to escape from pain

But to have the wisdom to learn the lesson that God is trying to teach him

The Spiritual Warrior prays not to sheltered from heartache

But to feel compassion for all those that trespass against him

The Spiritual Warrior prays not receive all his ego desires

But to appreciate all that he has been blessed with

The Spiritual Warrior prays not only to achieve material success

But to have the power to transform each external failure

into an internal victory

The Spiritual Warrior prays not to live soley for himself

But to have the humility to serve all souls lovingly

The Spiritual Warrior prays not changes in the world around him
But to be a beacon of light wherever God places him

– Sheena Shah

Time is not meant to be Wasted

Time is not meant to be wasted blindly chasing recognition and fame,
There is more to achieve than just broadcasting your name

Real success is learning to master your mind
So that no matter what you experience, victory you will find

Dive deeply into silence and enter the realm unseen,
Meditate and humbly follow the path where the masters have been

Through your wins and your losses, vow to stand unshaken
With every battle you face, let your soul awaken

Build a spirit so strong that nothing can shake your peace
Not disappointment, depression or even disease

There is nothing to fear when love is your reality
So set your heart free and write your life story

Look at the world with the power of your soul shining through your eyes
And walk victoriously into each moment with your head held high…

– Sheena Shah

Think Beyond Your Mind

Look beyond your senses

And think beyond your mind

Feel beyond your emotions

For these make you blind

Seek answers in silence

And the voice of Truth you will hear

Tune into your soul

And your fears will disappear

In this world that we are trapped in

Unconditional love is the key

It alone has the power

To set your heart free

– Sheena Shah


Follow the footprints of silence; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Follow the footprints of mercy; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Follow the footprints of compassion; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Follow the footprints of patience; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Follow the footprints of humility; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Follow the footprints of wisdom; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Follow the footprints of love; they will lead your heart into its temple of peace

Close your eyes and meditate deeply.

The peace that you pray for can only ever be found when you touch your soul.

With every step you take away from your shadow and towards your light, you will feel your world illuminate.

– Sheena Shah

Be Still

Be still and you will hear the wisdom taught by every sage;

Life is a divine play, and this world is is your stage

Be still and you will see the truth reflected in your eyes;

Your soul is a phoenix, and out of the ashes towards the light you will rise

Be still and you will feel love dancing in your heart;

With each beat let it dissolve your fears and break your walls apart…

– Sheena Shah

Love belongs to the Fearless

Only the Fearless are ready to experience the Power of Love.

Love is built on the highest pillars of Truth and Integrity.

Love demands that you live in the moment and break down the walls that shield your heart.

Love demands that you have the courage to face the world with your mind open.

Love demands that you hold your head up high on the battlefield of life and look clearly into the eyes of everyone you meet.

Love demands that you stand unshaken in your wisdom and you have the strength to fight for what you believe in.

Love demands that you defend against ignorance, and you protect the vulnerable and innocent.

Love demands that you seek to bleed compassion through every wound inflicted upon you.

Love demands that you surrender your ego and humbly follow the path towards purification.

And Love demands that you try to reach out and touch the hearts of all with your soul.

– Sheena Shah

Life is a Character Test

Life is a Test of your Character.

The truth about who you are will only reveal itself through your reactions to adversity.

Your experiences are designed to show you who you genuinely are, beneath the mask you wear.

Every moment you have a choice; to feel like helpless victim and remain trapped in darkness,

OR to feel like a  powerful spiritual warrior and set yourself free.

You succeed in your mission on Planet Earth every time :

You open your heart to love despite being hurt

You are generous even when you think you’ve lost everything

You feel compassion towards those who mistreat you

You trust in the goodness of people after being betrayed

You show integrity whilst encountering injustice

You stay loyal to the truth especially when it’s tough to face

You take total responsibility for your life instead of blaming others

You have faith in yourself when your world is falling apart

You are victorious in your mind through every battle you face

You let the light of your soul shine like a beacon through the night

You see the beauty of God hidden behind each moment

And You feel unconditionally happy to be alive…

– Sheena Shah

The Lotus

Though it starts its Journey born in the depths of a Dirty Pond

The Lotus emerges gracefully through the Water and Beyond

Untouched by the the Darkness that it faces at Night

The beautiful Lotus rises each morning towards Thy Light

As it opens its Petals, it bares its enchanting Soul for the world to See

A divine symbol of Purity, it teaches us to set ourselves Free

– Sheena Shah

Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

I awaken into this World, reborn without a Name

With no Rules to detain me, I play Time like a Game

My Past no longer haunts me, my Demons have been Slain

My Body is now a divine Temple in which my soul Reigns

I flow through Life like Water dancing gracefully in a Fountain

My Mind eternally still like a Monk meditating on a Mountain

Wherever my Journey takes me I seek no material Rewards or Pleasure

For the Love I feel in my heart is my most sacred Treasure

Through Tears, through Smiles, through Laughter and through Pain

Forever pure my Spirit Remains

Surrendering deeply into each moment, fearlessly I Dive

For it is only when I lose myself, that I am truly Alive…

– Sheena Shah


Through the Rage of the Storm
Be anchored in Stillness

Through the Pandemonium of the World
Be anchored in Silence

Through the Doubts of the Feeble
Be anchored in Faith

Through the Battle in your Mind
Be anchored in Victory

Through the Experience you Encounter
Be anchored in Wisdom

Through the Affliction in your Heart
Be anchored in Purity

Through the Fear of Loss
Be anchored in Love

Through the Temptations of Delusion
Be anchored in the Truth

Through the Stagnancy of Patterns
Be anchored in Freedom

Through the Circle of Time
Be anchored in the Moment

Through the Drama of Life
Be anchored in your Soul

– Sheena Shah


Patience gives you the time to react calmly from your soul, instead of impulsively from your ego

Patience gives you the faith to plant the seeds to success and nurture them, even if you can’t see them blossom into results yet

Patience gives you the power to stay true to yourself and make decisions that are in tune with your divine purpose in life

Patience gives you the wisdom to know which battles to keep fighting, and when it’s better to let go and surrender

Patience gives you the space to love and appreciate those around you unconditionally, and to help them evolve steadily at their own pace

Patience gives you the freedom to step back and enjoy each moment of your life without being caught up in the unnecessary franticness of this world…

– Sheena Shah

How Attractive are You?

Your heart is a magnet that has the potential to draw everything you desire into your life

The magnetic power of your heart is controlled by the machine of your mind

Your positive beliefs strengthen your heart’s magnetic force of attraction

Your negative beliefs weaken your heart’s magnetic force of attraction

When you shake the universe with your unshakeable faith in it

It will magically dispel the laws of time and space to fulfil all your heart’s deepest desires.

Have a Magnetic Day!

– Sheena Shah

Fuel to Success

Use your Failures, your Fears, your Rejections and your Tears

To Fuel your Fire, your Fight, your Power and your Light

When you Burn through your Ego like it’s a piece of Coal

You’ll uncover the Diamonds that reside in your Soul!

– Sheena Shah

Your 24/7 Personal Trainer

When you’re giving your Body a workout, you know that your Physical Muscles have become stronger when you can lift heavier weights that you could in the past without strain.

When you’re giving your Mind a workout, you know that your Mental Muscles have become stronger when you can take on more pressure than you could in the past without strain.

Remember that Life is your best 24/7 Personal Trainer. Trust it.

If you find that it is :

(1) Increasing the weights that you have to carry on your shoulders

(2) Increasing the length of time you have to carry them for before you get a break

(3) Pulling you in many different directions in one go…


It means your Mental Strength, Endurance, and Balance has improved sufficiently and so you are Ready to take on the next level of training!

– Sheena Shah

Are you Being Pushed over the Edge?

If you want to Have it all, you’ve got to Give it your all.

Yes, it’s that simple.

But the question is, are you ready to go All In?

There comes a time when every bird is thrown out of its nest,

And it is only in that moment, it discovers it has wings!

When life pushes you over the edge, don’t be afraid of falling.

A little bird once told me,

Always hold your head up high and look towards the sky,

Heaven belongs to those who trust they have the power to fly!

– Sheena Shah

Make Fun of Your Fears...

Your Fears are nothing but a cunning Weapon of your Ego designed to stop you from Evolving.

Every time your Soul is about to Succeed, your Ego feels threatened that it will be Destroyed,

And it Desperately tries to do everything it can to keep you Trapped in it’s Cage of Darkness.

Every time your Demons try to Scare you into thinking you are about to Fail,

Remember this little Secret and Laugh, because the harder they try to deceive you, the closer you are to Succeeding!

Use your Sword of Wisdom to slash your ego’s lies and set yourself Free,

For the Truth is, your Fears have no Power the moment you Face them and Smile..

So Make Fun of your Fears…before they Make Fun of You!

– Sheena Shah

Begin and End with Love

The story of our life begins and ends with love.

We were born out of love,

And when our souls leave the Earth,

The most precious gift we leave behind is our love in the hearts of those we have touched

As you live the chapters in between, remember that Money and Fame is nothing but a transitory Game

For the real Power of your Life is measured by the Depth of your Love,

And the Depth of your Love is measured by the Depth of your Forgiveness.

Before you start your battle with the World each morning,

And before you lay down your Body to rest at night,

Lay down the Armour of your Ego and remind yourself of this eternal Truth,

And express the Love you feel to yourself and to everyone that matters in your life.

– Sheena Shah

Are you in it to Win it?

Whether you want to win Diamonds or Hearts – the Cards are in your Hands.

To join the Club of Aces in life, you’ve got to get your Spade out and start digging your path to success.

Make today count, whatever you do, Play to Win!

– Sheena Shah

Right Hand or Left?

You hold The Key to Your Freedom in your Right Hand

You hold the Padlock to your Prison in your Left Hand

Every moment of every day you have a Choice.

You can Remain a Victim of your Past trapped in Darkness

Or you can Liberate now and let your Soul fly towards the Light.

Your Life lies in the Palm of Your Hands.

Your Power lies Right at Your Fingertips.

Everything you want will be within your Reach

The second you choose to unleash the Demons in your Mind.

– Sheena Shah

The Way of the Wise

In a World of Chaos, the Wise are Anchored in Stillness

In a World of Noise, the Wise are Anchored in Silence

In a World of Anger, the Wise are Anchored in Mercy

In a World of Abhorrence, the Wise are Anchored in Love

In a World of War, the Wise are Anchored in Peace

In a World of Segregation, the Wise are Anchored in Unity

In a World of Change, the Wise are Anchored in Calmness

In a World of Fear, the Wise are Anchored in Courage

In a World of Delusion, the Wise are Anchored in Truth

In a World of Time, the Wise are Anchored in the Moment

In a World of Humans, the Wise are Anchored in God

– Sheena Shah


Are you Mental?

A key to mastering Life is learning how to Wait

As the World spins frantically around you, be Still & Meditate.

Practice Patience & Mind Control now – before it’s too Late!

Your Happiness today, tomorrow, and forever depends on the quality of your Mental State.

– Sheena Shah

It's Playtime

The World is your Playground…

Don’t get Stuck going in circles on the same Roundabout every day,

And let your Smile just Slide away.

Be brave like a Child and experience something New today!

Confidence comes from giving your soul the Freedom to explore Life fearlessly,

To Try, to Fall, to Cry – and 3 minutes later to get back up and Fly!

Have a Magical day…

– Sheena Shah

Do you feel Empty?

The ego is never satisfied in life, it is always seeking something more from the world to fulfil it.

As soon as its current desire is fulfilled, it starts chasing something else.

The cycle is a trap, for that feeling of emptiness inside never really leaves you no matter how hard you try to achieve your ego’s desires.

You keep anxiously waiting for the day when you will be successful enough to be happy, but that day always seems to be just beyond your reach.

When they’ve suffered enough under the reign of their egos, the wise turn to their souls for eternal happiness.

They close their eyes and train their minds to be still, for they know that beyond the physical senses and beyond their thoughts lies a place that the ego cannot touch.

A place that is pure, a place that you can trust, a place where you are loved unconditionally for who you are.

A place where you are totally free, a place where peace and happiness are waiting to greet you eagerly, every moment of every day.

That place is the Kingdom of your Soul, and it lies deep in the Temple of your Heart.

You do not have to anything to earn it, it already belongs to you.

It always did, and it always will, and the Key to open it is Meditation.

It may take you a few attempts to learn the technique of unlocking the door, but it is worth the effort when you get a glimpse through the keyhole of the beauty that lies behind it…

– Sheena Shah

Happy Cells are Healthy cells

Your cells are like little children who experience the world through you.

Before you were born, you were connected to your mother via an umbilical cord, and on some level you experienced every single thought or feeling she did.

The cycle continues once you enter Earth – your cells are connected to you via your spinal cord, and on some level they experience absolutely everything you do.

When you nourish your body and your mind with ample love, positivity, patience, and peace,

Your cells grow to be happy and healthy, and have the energy and strength to fight off any diseases that try to attack your body.

When you abuse your body and your mind with toxic thoughts and negative emotions like anger, hatred and fear,

Your cells become paralysed and their development is stunted, resulting in your body’s immune system being weakened.

Your soul lives in your body on Planet Earth – create a beautiful home for it and treat it well and your cells will serve you loyally every single moment of every day until your soul happily leaves Planet Earth for its next adventure!

Have a Happy and Healthy day!

– Sheena Shah

Stay Faithful

No matter how dark it is at night, you are not afraid that the sun will not shine again tomorrow morning.

No matter how small a seed is when you plant it, you are not afraid that it will not grow into a big beautiful tree.

No matter how many times you fell down as a baby, you were not afraid that you will never learn how to walk.

No matter how many times you exhale, you are not afraid that there will not be enough oxygen in the air when you next want to breathe in.

When you have Faith in life, there is no limit to how much you can achieve.

When you are Afraid of life, you limit how much you can receive.

Just because you can’t see the results of your actions yet, does not mean that you are not succeeding!

Keep taking steps in the right direction fearlessly and victory will be yours…

– Sheena Shah

The King of Hearts

The King of Hearts retains his Power through Loss or Gain

His Palace of Peace unshaken by Pleasure or Pain

He wears the Crown of Wisdom and through Love he Reins

Bowing humbly before his Throne, a Servant to God forever he Remains…

– Sheena Shah

Back to School

Every moment of every day, remember:

Your Soul is a Student
And the World is your School…

Wisdom is your Teacher
And Unconditional Love is your Lesson…

Life is your Exam
And your Reaction to it determines whether your Pass or Fail!

Have a successful day…

– Sheena Shah

Make up your Mind

The most powerful Weapon you Hold in the Battle of Life is your Mind.

In the Hands of your Soul, it will Protect you and lead you through the Gates of Heaven.

In the Hands of your Ego, it will Destroy you and trap you in the Dungeon of Hell.

Today, Make up your Mind that you will Fight to express:

The Power of your Love over Fear

The Power of your Strength over Defeat

The Power of your Peace over War

The Power of your Wisdom over Delusion

The Power of your Smile over Suffering

Have a Happy day… =)

– Sheena Shah


Discipline gives a champion the willpower to wake up and train while the rest of the world is sleeping.

Discipline gives an underdog the courage to beat the odds and transform himself into a winner.

Discipline gives an entrepreneur the motivation to transform his vision into a reality.

Discipline gives an artist the patience to perfect his technique and create a beautiful masterpiece.

Discipline gives a saint the resolve to meditate silently until his mind is eternally free from suffering.

Discipline gives a warrior the strength to get up and fight when he has hit rock bottom.

Discipline gives a yogi the fuel to burn through the darkness of his ego and shine like a beacon of light.

Excuses result in failure.

Discipline results in success.

– Sheena Shah

The Game of Life

Life becomes a lot more Fun when you see it as a Game

Your Task is to manoeuvre your way through a multitude of challenging situations whilst protecting your Best Friends called Peace, Love, Happiness and Strength.

Every time you Master your Reactions and manage to keep your friends close to you despite being attacked by your Mortal Enemies called Fear, Anger, and Despondency,

Your receive a a burst of Freedom and Power in your Heart and Soul, and you feel so much more Harmony with the World around you!

– Sheena Shah

Gotta Have Faith

Faith is the glimmer of light that gives a seed the strength to break through darkness and rise up towards the sky

Faith is the nurturing hand that uplifts a child when they are afraid and gives them the courage to follow their dreams

Faith is the love inside a warrior’s heart that keeps beating through every moment of his life …

– Sheena Shah

Embrace the Moment

Don’t postpone your happiness to the future – the only opportunity you have to feel it is now.

Time and fear are delusions, if you let them blind you, your life will slip away right before your eyes.

Love fearlessly today. Be raw, open the book your heart and express what’s written inside it.

Waiting for tomorrow is a foolish gamble, as you have no guarantee it will come.

You don’t need to prepare yourself, your soul is eternally ready to embrace the moment.

You just need to have faith in yourself – you need to trust your resourcefulness more than your doubts, even if you don’t know where your next step will take you.

Let go of the false security, fears and attachments tied to your ego, and dive deeply into uncertainty…this is the only way to experience life at it’s fullest and discover the beauty and power that lies within you!

– Sheena Shah

Life Changes...When YOU do

Life only Changes…when You do!

Your deepest Thoughts and Beliefs that no one else sees or hears Define your Destiny.

If you don’t want your Future to be a Repeat of your Past,

Change yourself Now.

What you are Thinking, Feeling and Believing in this moment has the Power to Free you or keep you Trapped in a Cycle of Suffering.

Victims always Blame the world around them for everything, whilst Winners take Responsibility for their experiences and Evolve.

Have a Victorious day!

– Sheena Shah

What's your Motive?

Everything we do involves a sacrifice –  be it in the form of money, time, energy or otherwise.

Before you engage in any activity, ask yourself why you are about to do it.

When you train your mind focus 100% of your attention on what you are about to gain,

Instead of concentrating on what you are losing,

You will find the motivation to succeed with a smile!

– Sheena Shah

Ahoy Matey

All strong Relationships are Anchored in Friendship,

For Friendship is the Lighthouse of Love that steers us through Storms of Adversity.

A Friendship that is Deep does not Sink with Time or Distance,

For like a Spaceship, it transcends all Physical Laws that bind it to Earth.

As you Sail through the day, beyond all your transitory Relations,

Like Parent, Child, Boss, Worker, Partner, or Neighbour,

Let each soul that Boards your Ship on the Journey of Life,

Sea you first and foremost, as their Eternal Friend.

Bon Voyage!

– Sheena Shah

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Relationships are Mirrors…

What you see in the World is a reflection of Who You Are.

Life is Ugly when you look at it through the eyes of your Ego and Blame others for how you feel.

Life is Beautiful when you look at it through the eyes of your Soul and take Responsibility for how you feel.

From this moment on….

Instead of demanding LOVE from others,

Seek to remove the conditions in your heart that stop you from loving them and yourself

Instead of demanding UNDERSTANDING from others,

Seek to remove the judgements in your mind that stop you from understanding them and yourself

Instead of demanding ACCEPTANCE from others,

Seek to remove the ways in which you may reject and dismiss them and yourself

Instead of demanding JUSTICE from others,

Seek to remove the vengeance inside you that may have once hurt them and yourself

Instead of demanding RESPECT from others,

Seek to remove the pride sitting in you that may cause you to belittle them and yourself

FRIENDSHIP is the Superglue that can Fix your Relationships and help you Love who you see in the Mirror…

For it alone is able to Heal and Unite broken Hearts through Forgiveness, Humility and Compassion.

Be a True friend to yourself and others and watch how Life changes from being your Enemy to your Best Friend.

– Sheena Shah

The Key to Happiness

Tying your happiness to the past or future is a means of self-sabotage orchestrated by your ego

And by doing so, you unconsciously throw your heart straight into the devil’s fires of disappointment, despair, and delusion.

The wise do not wait for the unfolding of a distant and perfect fairytale to live happily ever after,

For through meditation they realise that the complete fulfilment they are yearning for can only be found right now, in this moment alone.

The moment you choose to really let go of every thought and memory that keeps you imprisoned in your cage of suffering,

Is the moment you will instantly switch from being the victim in your story and start being the hero!

The key to your happiness lies in your hands alone for you are the sole author of your destiny.

Set yourself free and start living the unconditionally happy life you deserve!

– Sheena Shah

The Sword of Silence

Until you Master the Sword of Silence

You cannot receive the Power of Peace

Only when you Mute the Noises of the World through deep Meditation

Will you Hear your Soul speak the Truth to You in a Language Beyond Words…

– Sheena Shah

Set your Soul on Fire

Deep in the heart of every champion lies a burning desire to be free

It is desperation that gives a soul the power to destroy itself or create a legacy

Each time you get burned use your pain as fuel to set your soul alight

Shine so bright that darkness bows down to you in the depths of the night…

– Sheena Shah

And they all lived Happily Ever After

Life is like a Fairytale, and every Hero must step onto the Battlefield of Light and Dark on his quest.

When you feel attacked, remember that throughout history the world’s greatest Masters faced the toughest opposition and betrayal, sometimes from those closest to them. Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, to name a few.

Like the Lotus flower, let all your trials and tribulations with darkness help you to grow into a beautiful symbol of divinity.

And remember that despite all the injustice here on Earth, ultimately Love and Truth ALWAYS win, and God will always protect those souls whose hearts and pure, now and forever more…

– Sheena Shah

Lighten Up

The Sun does not disappear at Night,

We just turn our Eyes away from its Light

Through all your Battles with Darkness here on Earth,

Remember that Love is the reason your soul took Birth

When you treat all as your Family and See the World as Your Shrine

Through your Heart, God’s Light will Shine…

– Sheena Shah

To Infinity & Beyond

One of the greatest paradoxes of life is that to gain everything you want,

You first have to let go of everything you have.

In the same way that in the natural cycle of breathing,

You must first continuously empty your lungs of air before you can fill them up with oxygen,

You must constantly free your mind of all labels, concepts and attachments

To fully experience all the gifts that life has to offer you in this ‘present’ moment.

Today break free of all the limitations of your mind

And fly deeply into the infinite potential of your soul

Remember that it is only when you truly hold on to nothing,

That there is room for everything to belong to you.

– Sheena Shah

50 Shades of Success

How you React when you Lose is the real measure of how Successful you are.

Life is a Game that You are playing, every moment of every day – and how well you’re doing is determined by how your Mind internally responds in situations that don’t go your way.

Nothing is as Black and White as it seems so don’t let your senses delude you – often the greatest Victories are unseen by the World, but they are always recognised by God.

Champions focus on the Bigger Picture, while Amateurs remain attached to their image in the Mirror.

– Sheena Shah

The Exlixir of Friendship

Any relationship that has the power to transcend the tribulations of this world is built on the foundation of friendship.

Without friendship, it is only a matter of time before the dark flames of ego and delusion will burn and destroy the hearts of two souls, leaving nothing behind but ash.

Through selfless sacrifice, mercy, and understanding, friendship is the divine elixir that unceasingly draws our souls closer together, healing us and making us stronger with each step we take together.

Today, open the doors of friendship unconditionally to everyone you encounter on your journey through life, and let each heart dance in your kingdom of love forevermore.

– Sheena Shah

How to Save a Life

Love is the only force powerful enough to Heal our World.

There is no limit to what a Mother would do for her Son, a Father for his Daughter, a Sister for her Brother, a Husband for his Wife in a heartbeat if they desperately needed help.

With every Step you take Today, let the pure love in your Soul shine through your Eyes like a bright Star in the night sky.

Let Love be your Motivation to Live, and don’t be afraid express it through every Breath you take.

Remember, your Love has the Power to Save Lives…

– Sheena Shah


One of the greatest Tools of Love is Mercy.

In this World of Delusion, we are all lost children, trying to find our way.

We may hide behind different Faces,

But beneath our Masks,

Our Hurt is the same, and our need to Heal is the same.

Life is like Fire, and your Heart is like Clay.

When you get Burnt, don’t let heart become Hard.

Instead fearlessly let your Tears make your heart Softer,

So that like the Potter who created your Soul,

You can reach out and Touch the World with the Hand of Mercy,

And Mould it Into a Beautiful Home for us all.

– Sheena Shah

Colour Me In

I am Red like the Clay beneath my Feet
I step into the World, ready to face the Heat

I am Orange like the Sunset that paints the Sky
Love flows through my Heart and shines through my Eyes

I am Yellow like the Lion that roars in my Chest
My Spirit is Strong as I conquer my Quest

I am Green like Mother Nature, I see God in all
I plant seeds of Compassion in the Garden of my Soul

I am Blue like the Sea, I travel far and wide
There is no part of me that I wish to hide

I am Silver like the Moon, I glimmer beautifully at night
Even when Darkness surrounds me, I reflect only light

I am Gold like the Crown that rests upon my Head
As I Awaken in my Kingdom of Peace, I look forward to the day that lies ahead…

– Sheena Shah

The Crown of Humility

The most Powerful King in Life is he who wears only the Crown of Humility

For even as he is Dethroned on the Earthly Plane,

His Palace of Peace remains unconquered for Eternity

Such a King seeks to Defeat nobody but Himself,

And as he bows his head down at the Lotus Feet of his Divine Maker,

God himself opens the Gates to Heaven and welcomes His Child

Into his perfect Kingdom of Love.

– Sheena Shah

The Moment of Truth

To really experience the Truth you must free your Consciousness from all Concepts.

The Concept of Time is a Delusion.

The Concept of Space is a Delusion.

The Concept of Matter is a Delusion.

Only when you stop transposing your Memories of your Past, and your Expectations about the Future into this moment will the Secrets of Life, Yourself, the Universe, and Love be revealed to you.

When you Free your Mind in Meditation of all its deep patterns and entrapments, you will finally feel the Beauty and Magic of this moment – the one that’s right in front of you.

And it is this Moment alone that has the power to fully satisfy your soul, and fill your heart with its deepest desires.

So from this moment onwards, stop referencing yourself to Yesterday or Tomorrow,

Let go off everything you are carrying inside you so you can finally wholeheartedly embrace this moment, and receive everything it is trying to give to you…

– Sheena Shah

The Road to Perfection

Perfection isn’t necessarily the ability to Act in a perfect manner,

It is actually the ability to React in a perfect manner!

In this Imperfect world,

True Perfection means feeling Peace in every moment,

So instead of striving to Create perfect situations Around you,

Strive to create perfect reactions to every situation Inside you!

If you train your Mind to be perfectly attuned to the Kingdom of your Soul,

You will find Heaven on Earth, and you will be perfectly Happy forevermore.

– Sheena Shah

Sometimes it's Right for things to go Wrong

Some of your plans were designed to fall apart.

Some of your relationships were meant to break.

Some of your tests were devised to make you fail.

A pearl only emerges when you destroy the shell that hides it.

Your soul only emerges when you destroy the ego that hides it.

When life throws you off course, remember that this world is created to chisel you into the best version you can be.

Sometimes your most valuable lessons can only be learned through your gravest mistakes.

Sometimes your purest source of love can only be felt through your deepest heartache.

Sometimes your greatest power can only be found in your weakest moment.

If ever you feel like giving up, remember that sometimes you need to lose before you win…

And sometimes you need to fall to realise that you can fly…
– Sheena Shah

Affirmations for a good day

Wherever I am today…I am calm

Whatever I do today…I am peaceful

Whatever happens today…I am strong

Whoever I am with today…I am loving

Wherever I go today…I am free

– Sheena Shah

Love Life

Life is your game
And this world is your toy
Play to win
Through misery and through joy

Your spirit is unbreakable
When your smile shines through your tears
Your soul is more powerful
Than your pain or your fears

Walk in peace
With every step you take
Embody calmness
With every move you make

Love is your weapon
And mercy is your shield
As you lay down your ego
You will finally be healed

Life is your game
And this world is your toy
When you play with time
This moment you will enjoy

– Sheena Shah

Be Empty

Learn to switch off your senses
And slow down your mind
Surrender your emotions
And leave the world behind

When you detach from your desires
And abandon your fear
Your heart will stop racing
And peace will be near

Break away from the illusion
That you are trapped in this game
Be bound by nothing,
Not even your name

When you finally let go
The truth you will see
That only when you are empty
Is your soul eternally free

– Sheena Shah

Knocking on Heaven's Door

When we are afraid of our inner thoughts and emotions,

It is easy to distract our mind by engaging in meaningless pursuits in order to avoid being still.

However, when you run away from silence, you also turn your back on your soul – the core of who you really are.

If you have the courage to spend just a few moments meditating deeply in solitude each day,

You will find that beyond the delusion of emptiness and darkness lies the world of your dreams!

Silence is the door you must knock on to enter Heaven – and yes you will have to fight a few of the demons blocking your way,

But when you make the effort the universe will shower you with SO much love and fulfilment on the other side that you will live happily ever after!

Be brave and take your first step on the battlefield of your mind today, your destiny awaits you…

– Sheena Shah


The Fallacy of Fortune & Fame

The Wise realise the Fallacy of Fortune & Fame

All Promises remain unfulfilled in this delusive Game

Open your Eyes now, don’t wait until your last breath to See

That when you leave this Earth, your hands will be Empty

True Success is Internal; it can only be achieved Within

It is the Battles in your Mind that you should seek to Win

Through your darkest moments, vow to stand Unshaken

For with every Test your Conquer, your Soul will Awaken

Build a Spirit so Strong that nothing can take your Peace

Not Disappointment, Depression or even Disease

Live like a Champion and set your mind Free

From the shackles of Fear, Pain and Misery

You are a Winner in every moment that you feel Happy

So Smile, and let your Heart forever beat the Drum of Victory!

– Sheena Shah

Perceive to Receive

Your Power is based purely on your Perception.

If you Believe in your Fears, your Nightmares will attack you everywhere.

If you Believe in your Resourcefulness, your Dreams will embrace you everywhere.

Look deeply inside you and see which voice is your Master – your Soul’s or your Ego’s

Your Soul is your Friend helping to bring out the best in you, and your Ego is your Enemy secretly trying to destroy you.

Who you choose to believe will determine the outcome of any moment – and remember, the one who shout’s the loudest isn’t always the one who is right.

From this moment onwards reclaim your power and vow to serve only the one that really has your best interest’s at heart.

You create your own reality – for you Receive exactly what YOU Perceive.

– Sheena Shah

What are you Looking at?

What you See in front of you is a reflection of what your Eyes are focusing on.

If you have a Vision in your mind that you want to Manifest into Reality,

You must not waver your Gaze from your vision under any circumstance!

The Universe will test your Resolution with many sources of Distractions, disguised as doubts, obstacles, insecurities, rejections and so on,

And if you focus your attention on these, they will simply Multiply right before your eyes!

Do not let these Destructive distractions Delude you into believing this is Evidence that you will never be able to convert your Dreams into Reality,

Instead summon all your Willpower to Focus on the Bigger Picture

And maintain Eye Contact with your Goal alone at all times.

For once the Universe has faith in your genuine wholehearted commitment to something,

It will bow down and draw everything you need to succeed right to your feet.

Can you See the Wisdom behind that?

– Sheena Shah

New Year's Message 2018

Sometimes life turns your world upside down to remind you that even when you hit rock bottom,

You have the power to turn a defeat into a victory…an enemy into a friend…and a broken past into a beautiful future.

Your destiny is written by you every moment of every day,

And the world around you is a mirror that reflects exactly what you think in your mind, and how you feel in your heart.

Live 2018 by your rules, and set yourself free from the fear that you are not good enough, or that it’s too late to change.

Instead of complaining about what you don’t like in your life or what you feel you don’t have enough of,

Think and talk about positive moments that inspired you and made you feel on top of the world.

Focus your time and energy wisely, and let each moment be an unconditional expression of the love, passion and strength that lies in your soul.

Happy New Year!

– Sheena Shah

It's Now or Never

The only Moment that Matters

Is the one you’re living Now.

Your Mind will Trick you into believing that you that your fulfilment lies in Tomorrow or Yesterday

But the Wise know that true fulfilment lies in investing in Today

For Happy Ever Afters

Are made up of eternal Happy Nows!

This is your Moment

It’s Now or Never.

This is Your Moment

Make it count.

– Sheena Shah

Love like a Phoenix

There’s a little voice inside you that tells you not to give up on Love.

Trust it.

Though your ego may be crucified on the path towards purification,

Like a phoenix from the ashes, your soul will be reborn,

Powerful and free, ready to soar beautifully through the sky.

Deep down you know that the moment you sacrifice everything for Love

Is the moment life will sacrifice everything for you.

Be brave. Be bold. Be boundless.

And behold, you will fly beyond the Earthly planes

And finally enter the gates of Heaven…

– Sheena Shah

I Can!

Let your motto this week be “I Can”.

Whenever arrows of doubt fly your way,

Put up a strong metal shield of positivity in your mind that says ‘I Can’

Deflect away all negativity and let nothing break your self-belief.

Trust yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

Smile inwardly and remember that from the moment you were born,

Your heart has kept beating for you and it will continue doing so for the rest of your life.

Listen to it and put your faith in its guidance,

It may be quiet but it knows the real you better than anyone else,

And it knows that you can do whatever you put your mind to the moment you believe you can….

– Sheena Shah

iMeditate, iTune, iSee

Don’t believe what your two human eyes show you about the World,

Their restricted perception of the world will lead you into a Tunnel of Delusion.

Look through your third eye and Tune in deeply to what your Soul is saying.

It alone can see the whole picture.

It alone will show you the Truth.

Switch off your iPhone for a few moments today, and make this your Motto:

iMeditate, iTune into my my Soul, and iSee the Truth.

– Sheena Shah

Let Go & Dive

Let go of the Storm
Dive into Stillness

Let go of the Noise
Dive into Silence

Let go of the Darkness
Dive into Light

Let go of the Doubts
Dive into Faith

Let go of the Anger
Dive into Mercy

Let go of the Experience
Dive into the Lesson

Let go of Logic
Dive into Wisdom

Let go of the Delusion
Dive into Truth

Let go of Conditions
Dive into Freedom

Let go of the Attachments
Dive into  Love

Let go of Time
Dive into the Moment

– Sheena Shah

The Way of the Warrior

Life on Earth is a War between your Soul and your Ego
And your Path to Victory is Fortitude

Step Fearlessly into Battle with Darkness
And embrace each Moment with Gratitude

Stand before your Trials like a Warrior
And never be Afraid to Fight

With Faith, Courage, Love, and Peace as your Weapons
March eternally towards the Light…

– Sheena Shah

The Only Time is Now

Do not Waste your Life blindly chasing Transitory Joys

Be not Attached to this World and it’s Delusional Toys

Dive deeply into Silence and enter the Realm Unseen

Meditate and Humbly follow the Path where the Masters have Been

Let your Quest for the Truth be shaken by None

For not even Death can Defeat you once you have Begun

Wait no longer to Evolve, the only Time is Now

As you Fearlessly embark upon your Spiritual Battle, to Thee I Bow…

– Sheena Shah

The Elements of Life

Let your Mind expand as Vast as the Sky
Behold the entire Universe in your Third Eye

Let your Purpose in Life be as Solid as the Earth
Find the Mission you were meant to fulfil when your Soul took Birth

Let your Love flow through your Heart as freely as Water
Remember that all who cross your Path are God’s Sons and Daughters

Let your Spirit roar in your Chest as passionately as Fire
With Service to Others as your Soul’s only Desire…

– Sheena Shah

Play to Win

To those who are determined to Succeed,
Failure is not an excuse to Give Up.

To those who are determined to Love,
Heartbreak is not an excuse to become Numb.

To those who are determined to be Happy,
Pain is not an excuse to stop being Positive.

To those who are determined to Evolve,
Fear is not an excuse to stay trapped in their Comfort Zone.

To those who are determined to be Healthy,
Disease is not an excuse to interally Die.

Life is a Battle,
And you stop Winning ONLY when you stop Fighting.

Do not let the Limitations of other people’s Beliefs
Sabotage yours in any way.

Close your Eyes, Meditate,
And Train your Mind to be Powerful Beyond Measure.

Tenaciously carry the Spirit of Victory in your Soul,
And Remember this World is Your Game and you are Playing to Win!

– Sheena Shah

Be Loyal to the Truth

Be Loyal to the voice of Purity that whispers in your Heart

Express it, Love it, Live it…and if you must, then Die for it.

Be not afraid of Rejection or Ridicule,

For even if the whole World forsakes you,

You will leave the Earth Peacefully as a Paragon of Integrity.

If you stand by your Principles Wholeheartedly and Unreservedly

The Truth will set you Free

For no matter how much Darkness surrounds you,

The Light in your Soul will keep on Shining.

Wearing a Mask to please others is like being trapped in a Solitary Confinement,

Outwardly you may Smile and be surrounded by People,

But Inwardly you will feel deeply Empty and Alone.

Be Brave. Be Real. Open your Heart and do not Hide what you Feel.

When you Live without Fear and Follow the Truth that you Hear,

God’s Love in your Heart will be forever Near…

– Sheena Shah

A Timeless Mind

When you Live in the Moment

Life is Eternal

And Love is Immortal

When you are imprisoned in the Past or Future

Life ceases to Exist

And Love is Fleeting

Life is not measured by the Time you spend on this Planet

For the Paradox is,

Your experience of Life only truly Starts when time Stops ticking in your Mind

Love is not bound by your Relationships on this Planet

For the Paradox is,

You can only truly Feel love when you don’t Hold onto it with your Mind


A Timeless Mind lives a Timeless Life and experiences a Timeless Love…

– Sheena Shah

Poem for the Yogi

Dear Yogi,

As you step forward onto your mat today
Remember “Yoga” means “Unity”, and love is the way

But to ordinary ears true love is silent – she seeks only the strong

Only those who bow down her, will forever hear her song

So as you surrender humbly in Child, leave your ego behind

Look beyond race, religion, and boundaries restricting your mind

To all these divisions, true love is blind

For love sees that inside every body, the same heart you will find

As you go into Seated Forward Bend and touch your toes

Extend the arm of compassion to both your friends and your foes

Hold out your hand but don’t point the finger of blame

God’s love for both saint and sinner remains forever the same

As you spread your wings in Pigeon, ready to fly

Embrace life fearlessly and soar high in the sky

Illuminate the world and set your soul free

Drink the spirit of bliss and be intoxicated in ecstasy

As you become a Warrior and go into battle with your fears

Bravely lift up your sword of strength, and wipe away your tears

Against your enemy the ego, peace is your greatest weapon

Wisdom is your teacher, and unconditional love is your lesson

As you stand up tall in Tree

Practice the art of staying steady

Plant your seeds and nurture them patiently

Your flowers will blossom when your soul is ready

And as you finally lie down in relaxation on the ground

Listen for the beat of your heart, it’s a powerful sound

Let go the past, for only then can your soul heal

Be fully open in this moment, and the bliss of true love you will feel

– Sheena Shah

The Unknown

Every Butterfly was once a Caterpillar trapped in a dark Cocoon.

Every Sunflower was once a tiny Seed buried deep in the Soil

And every Champion was once a little Child who was afraid of the World.

Struggle is a part of Growth,

And it’s our Darkest moments that we discover who we really are.

Don’t be Afraid of The Unknown,

For What You Don’t Know is that it’s lovingly leading you towards the Light.

– Sheena Shah

Lifelong Friends

Your relationship with Life is based on Trust.

Each time you approach it with Fear,

You treat it like Your Enemy.

Each time you approach it with Love,

You treat it like Your Friend.

The World constantly tries to trick you into believing you have something to Worry about.

But the moment you truly realise that no matter what happens the Universe always has your Back,

You won’t Cry when Life pushes you over the Edge,

You will Smile, knowing it’s your Turn to Fly!

– Sheena Shah

It's all an Act!

Don’t turn your back on your Struggles.

In this Stage of Life they may wear Masks and disguise themselves as your Enemies,
But Secretly they are your best Friends waiting for you to Embrace them.
The moment you do, they will Bow down and show you that your Soul is powerful beyond measure.
As the Light comes on you will see that your Dreams lie right at your Fingertips,

And nothing in this World is beyond your Reach.

– Sheena Shah

Two Wrongs CAN Make a Right

Once in a while Life pushes you in what seems to be the WRONG direction on Purpose

To show you that no matter how Twisted your Journey,

If keep moving Forwards with your head held high

You’ll ultimately end up RIGHT where you need to be.

Don’t be afraid when you Life forces you to Turn a Corner.

For often the upside of Losing your Way,

Is Finding your Self.

– Sheena Shah

The Peace of the Puzzle

In this Puzzle of Life, your PEACE is the only one that matters.
Hold on to it, even if it means you have to let go of everything else.

– Sheena Shah

The Key to Success

Success is nothing but a feeling.

A truly successful person feels successful every moment of every day.

In poverty, in wealth, in disease, and in health, a successful person remains positive and peaceful.

A successful person trusts that he has the power inside him to conquer all tests that come his way.

No person or situation will ever be able to take that feeling away from him, because no person or situation ever gave it to him in the first place!

With great responsibility comes great power – and it is this feeling of responsibility that is your key to eternal success…

– Sheena Shah


I am calm through the day

I am calm through the night

I am calm through the dark

I am calm through the light

I am calm through the storm

I am calm through the clouds

I am calm when it’s quiet

I am calm when it’s loud

I am calm when I fall

I am calm when I fly

I am calm on the ground

I am calm in the sky

I am calm when I sleep

I am calm when I rise

I am calm when I follow

The teachings of the wise

– Sheena Shah

Christmas Message

The greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else is Unconditional Love.

Unwrap the layers of darkness that keep your mind and heart trapped in a box, and let the intrinsic beauty of the Present moment reveal itself to you.

Like a star lighting up the night sky, let your soul shine with the truth of who you really are.

You are a child of God; have faith in your power, in your strength, in your wisdom, in your peace and in your love.

Give yourself and others around you the freedom to follow their hearts, and let nothing in the external world stop you from believing that life is your friend, and there is nothing to fear.

Let happiness and love flow through wherever you are and whatever you are doing, for there is nothing you can do that ever will stop God from loving you.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

– Sheena Shah

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