Kids aged 5 – 10 years? Tired of them playing VIDEO GAMES all day?

Feel they need a bit more EXERCISE?

Want to secure their PEACE OF MIND in an increasingly troubled society?

 Then bring them to me for some Chi Kri Kids Yoga!


Each child will receive a
n End of Term Report in the last class of each term with feedback on their progress in the following 6 Key Areas :

(1) Calmness
(2) Concentration
(3) Effort
(4) Knowledge of Poses
(5) Behaviour in Class
(6) Confidence

Limited term spaces available, please book early to avoid disappointment!


Lil Chi Kri Yogis have Powerful Minds!

* Calm and Worry Free Attitudes

* Excellent Focus, Memory, and Concentration

* Strong Willpower and Determination

* Positive Thinking and Self Belief

* Great Decision Making Skills and Wisdom

“If every child in the world was taught to meditate, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation” – Dalai Lama


Autumn 2017 Term Dates
Tuesday 5th September – Tuesday 19th December 2017 (excluding Tuesday 24th October 2017)

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Roxeth Room, Harrow Arts Centre
171 Uxbridge Road
Hatch End

£142.50 for one child / £132.50 per child if two or more siblings join together.  

Lil Chi Kri Yogis have Healthy Bodies! 

* Strong Muscles, Joints and Bones 

* Fantastic Flexibility, Posture, Balance and Coordination  

* Powerful Circulatory, Digestive, Immune, Respiratory, Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems 




Lil Chi Kri Yogis have Happy Souls!

* Harmonious Friendships & Family Relationships

* Peaceful and Loving Hearts

* Lots of Inner Strength and Confidence

5 Great Yoga Poses for Kids!

Click here to see an article published in Chi Kri Life featuring some of my thoughts…

“This was the first time I had managed to get to a “Lil Chi Kri Yogis” class to see what was going on! It was amazing. Sheena has created a brilliant rapport with the little yogis, based on friendship and guidance, striking a balance between fun and education that is rare.

The kids enjoyed the creative yoga games, affirmations, power poses and stretches equally; I’m not surprised the classes are almost at capacity every week! My congratulations to Sheena on the incredible effort she’s put into this work – well done all, I’ll see you again soon!”

– Neil Patel, Founder of Chi Kri Yoga

Yoga for Children & Teenagers in Schools! 

I have enjoyed teaching Chi Kri Yoga at a range of schools including:

* Haryln Primary School

* Hedgewood Special Needs School

* Whitmore High School

Click here to read how Yoga helped Whitmore High School students stay calm during exams