Public Chi Kri Yoga Class Rates

Thank you for practicing Chi Kri Yoga with me. For me, Yoga is more than just a few stretchy poses, it’s a way of life. In the same way that we brush our teeth daily to keep them healthy, we need to regularly take care of ALL aspects of our well-being- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring out the best in ourselves. 

Many people find that the investment they make in taking a bit of time out to come to a Yoga class weekly brings them invaluable rewards that they can feel in themselves both immediately after the class, and years later in their lives.

The positive changes you may notice through your Yoga practice can range from things like releasing tightness from your body and feeling your muscles finally relax after a long day at work, falling ill less frequently than you used to due to regular detoxification of your internal organs, finding that you can sleep soundly at night with no worries to disturb you, to feeling the spirit of a warrior awaken within you that helps you conquer your battles confidently and helps you shine in every area of your life.

I understand that with work and family responsibilities, there is usually a lot going on in the week, and sometimes it seems hard to commit to a class. For that reason I offer a few different types of Ch Kri Yoga term passes for my classes you can choose from, and I hope you can find one that works well with your schedule.

The various options available are explained below, so please take a little bit of time to read through them carefully to help you determine which works best for you. If you have any questions at all, please contact me by emailing prior to your purchase and I will be happy to help clarify anything that you are unsure about.


Single Classes

Trial Class : £5
Please contact me and check if there is a space available before attending the class

Drop-in : £20
Please contact me and check if there is a space available before attending the class


Term Passes

Single Term Pass 1 : £130 (£13.00 / class)
10 classes to use at a single Chi Kri Yoga class of your choice – valid for 12 weeks from the start date of your term pass

Single Term Pass 2 : £240 (£12.00 / class)
20 classes to use at a single Chi Kri Yoga class of your choice – valid for 24 weeks from the start date of your term pass

Flexible Term Pass 1 : £135 (£13.50 / class)
10 classes to use at a primary Chi Kri Yoga class of your choice and/or any of my remaining classes if spaces are available – valid for 12 weeks from the start date of your term pass

Flexible Term Pass 2 : £250 (£12.50 / class)
20 classes to use at a primary Chi Kri Yoga class of your choice and/or any of my remaining classes if spaces are available – valid for 24 weeks from the start date of your term pass


Please note that if you purchase a Single Term Pass of any kind, to be fair to new students who are on waiting lists for classes, I will only be able to save your space at ONE of the following Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation classes for the duration of your term pass:

1)  Saturday 10.30 am class OR
2)  Monday 8.00 pm class OR
3)  Thursday 8.00 pm class

If you wish to come regularly to more than one class (e.g. attend both the Saturday 10.30 am class and the Monday 8.00 pm classes every week), you can purchase an independent Single Term Pass for each class. Your body, mind, heart and soul will love you for it!

Alternatively, if your schedule is a bit unpredictable and you would like the flexibility to swap between different classes, you can purchase a Flexible Term Pass.

The Flexible Term Pass guarantees your space at a Primary Class of your choice (the day that you will attend most frequently for the duration of your term pass) AND allows you to attend my other current Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation classes whenever spaces are available.

Upon purchasing a Flexible Pass, please let me know which will be your chosen Primary Class before your first class. Please note that this cannot be changed in the middle of the term pass.

When you wish to attend my other Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation classes on other days, to avoid disappointment, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance of the particular class you wish to attend via email or text to check if there is space available for you to attend. Thank you.


Yoga Mat Hire 

Yoga mat hire is free for trial classes.

For drop ins / term passes, yoga mat hire is £2 per class (the full amount will be donated to charity). Please email me in advance if you wish to hire a mat.



Thank you in advance for the investment you are making towards your yoga practice. The easiest way for you to pay for your Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation Classes / Term Pass is online to the following account:

Account Number : 17871743 / Sort Code : 09 01 27

Please state your full name in the reference when you make an online payment and email me once you have paid.

If you are paying by cash, I would be most grateful if you could place it in a sealed envelope with the following details clearly written to help make sure your payment doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s:

  • Your Full Name (e.g. Sheena Shah)
  • The Date (when you give me the envelope) (e.g. 24/07/2016)
  • The Class / Term Pass type that you are purchasing (e.g. ‘Single Term Pass 2’)
  • The amount of money enclosed (e.g. £240)

Please note that cheques are not accepted.


Late Payments

Please note that payments not received within 5 days of the start date of the term pass will be classified as ‘Late Payments’. To cover the extra administration work that results from Late Payments, any Late Payments will incur an additional fee of £5 for each week that has passed since the term pass started.


Family & Friends Discount

‘Yoga’ means ‘Unity’, and it’s always nice to practice with someone you get on well with, and in my life I can say that yoga has brought me so much closer to my loved ones and strengthened my relationships with everyone around me.

To say thank you to you for helping to share the positive influence of yoga to someone you care about, every time you introduce someone you know to any of my Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation classes and they book a Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation term pass of any kind, you will receive £10 OFF your next term pass!  Please note that this discount is valid for the duration of one term pass, for each person you member you introduce, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.


Under 16’s Discounts

I am so happy when I see young people practicing yoga, as I believe it is the best foundation we can have in our lives to help us live happily and wisely in this world. I would like to offer all students under the age of 16 years who would like to come to my Monday, Saturday or Thursday classes a £10 discount on any Chi Kri term passes they choose. Please note this discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount for the same term pass booking. 


Term Freezing

Sometime an unexpected event may make it difficult for you to attend classes for a few weeks. If for any reason you wish to temporarily pause a term pass you have purchased, you may request a ‘Term Freeze’. For a single fee of £20, any number of classes remaining can be frozen for up to 6 months.

If you would like to do a Term Freeze, please send me a request in advance of the classes you wish to postpone by email to Unfortunately Term Freezes cannot be applied to classes that have already been missed in the term pass.

If you do not get a reply from me regarding your term freeze within 48 hours of your request, please call me on 07929 40 20 07 to check I have received your request. Thank you.



1. Drop-ins

It is my heart’s wish that you are happy when you practice yoga. and I will do my very best to ensure you enjoy you Chi Kri Yoga classes. If though for any reason you are not happy with your purchase and you leave the class within the first 30 minutes of it starting, you may apply for a full refund to the original payment stating the reasons in writing as to why you are not happy. Please ensure your application for a refund is sent within 24 hours of the class start time in order to be refunded.

2. Term Passes

If you have attended no more than two consecutive classes at the beginning of your term pass, and you are not happy with your purchase you may apply for a full refund of the original payment stating the reason why you are not happy. 



If you are considering making a complaint to Chi Kri or Chi Kri Yoga, please follow the guidelines below:

Firstly, try to sort out the problem privately with those who are directly involved. Complaints should not be discussed with other students within or outside of the class. Generally complaints are resolved more easily and effectively at an early stage and by those who have a direct influence on the situation. 

If a complaint cannot be resolved as above, please download and complete the form below as a formal procedure. Details of how to submit a complaint are on the form. Thank you.


Click Here to Download: Chi Kri Complaint Procedure Form



In today’s world, there’s always a bit of legal information we need to state, so please note that all the above information is subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

Above all else, thank you for choosing to practice Chi Kri Yoga & Meditation with me!