Saturday Yoga in Rayners Lane

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10.30 am - 11:45 am

Main Hall
Roxbourne Primary School
Torbay Road


One of our favourite sequences in this class – the beautiful 12 Step Chi Kri Surya Namaskar!

Come and try the class for just £5! Please contact me to check if spaces are available before attending. Click here to view term rates.





Yoga with Sheena on Saturday mornings is all about expressing the power of your soul through yoga poses. It’s made for anyone who is young at heart, yet passionate to integrate the ancient and traditional teachings of yoga in their daily lives to reach their full potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A message from Dhruvni…

“Unlike other teachers, Sheena approaches her class with the aim of her students becoming warriors, seeing life as an opportunity to learn and to grow, able to find peace in themselves regardless of the world around them…

With her help, I have now overcome severe anxiety and feel more empowered and self-aware than ever before. I’ve been to many teachers, but with Sheena I was able to do a Baby Crow for the first time ever!! I couldn’t recommend her more as a yoga teacher – I have never met someone who so intuitively knows what you need and so patiently helps you achieve your peace.”

A message from Krupali…

“Sheena has an incredible way of connecting with each and every student of hers, making us feel special and loved. She offers endless support and encouragement, both in class and outside. She is inspirational with her own strength and determination, setting the best example of reaching the highest standards, both physically and mentally. 

Yoga is refreshing, energising and great for toning and strengthening every muscle, and Meditation leaves you with a sense of peace, calmness and positivity. Her classes are the highlight of my week! They give me something to look forward to, and to work on, for my own well-being and for a sense of accomplishment.”


Each class creatively & intelligently designed to incorporate a balance of:

  • Grounding poses
    To keep you internally stable in today’s fast moving world
  • Core exercises
    To build your willpower and facilitate digestion
  • Dynamic sequences
    To work your cariovascualar system and burn calories
  • Inversions
    To detoxify your blood and boost your immunity
  • Deep stretches
    To improve your flexibility, mobility, and agility
  • Power poses
    To tone your muscles and develop confidence in yourself
  • Spinal movements
    To relieve back pain and assist correct posture
  • Relaxation, meditation, and pranayama techniques
    To calm your mind and help you de-stress
  • Music from around the world!
    We do yoga to beautiful music by artists like A R Rahman, Rihanna, Shreya Goshal, Sia, Kanye West, Bob Marley 
  • Chi Kri Philosophy and Poetry
    To inspire you and train your mind to think positively 




A message from Nikesh…

“I suffered from back pain for a while and am incredibly inflexible so I decided to join Sheena’s classes – I’m not sure what I expected, but after my first class I felt a lot better physically and mentally and this has only continued over time!

Sheena’s classes are fun yet challenging – tackling power poses like ‘Baby Crow’ and ‘Chi Kri One Legged Peacock’ (see video on the left!) have been some of my highlights. The contemporary yoga style contrasted with modern music really enticed me and I’ve been caught singing along to some of the songs!

What I’ve learnt from her classes is that strength is both an external and internal entity, and the yoga is there to stimulate both of these things in order for one to reach their maximum potential and lead a fulfilling life. The quotes that are read out in class, and the interpretation of limericks are inspiring and provide me with a fresh outlook on situations.

I would really recommend Sheena’s classes for any yoga level and anyone just trying to find a better version of themselves”

A message from Nihal (who has been attending classes for 5 years)…

“Sheena’s Yoga and Meditation sessions are the best part of my week! Ever since I first started, Sheena has been a continuous source of inspiration for me. Sheena’s immense passion for what she does makes her shine bright, and her classes are incredibly fun and fulfilling : )

I am so grateful for the dedication she shows both in and out of class – it is clear that Sheena wants us, as her students, to soar high and become the best possible versions of ourselves!

Practicing yoga has been challenging, but with Sheena’s help I have pushed myself both physically and mentally to achieve some of the very same poses that Sheena amazed me with at my first session! : )

With the help of Sheena’s teachings, I have been able to not only make meditation a part of my daily routine, but I have been able to meditate for longer periods of time, something I found difficult to do previously.

I have already learnt a great deal through her teachings and the Chi Kri philosophy. I couldn’t recommend her more highly, whether you are looking to build strength, or simply find some inner peace or still your mind. 


A message from Debbie…

Yoga with Sheena is the best thing I have done in ages. I decided to do yoga to lose weight and because it’s a lot of fun. I never thought for a minute it could help me in the way it has.

Before I started yoga I was not in a good place. I struggled with bad relationships which left me with a lot of anger inside me which I kept to myself for so long. I used to get panic attacks when I got stressed, having the feeling something bad is going to happen, and not knowing what it was use to make me feel sick and my breathing to become erratic. I also travel on the underground everyday to work and would worry everyday about being on a packed train – I hate the feeling of being enclosed in a confined space.

Now because I have an amazing teacher, Sheena Shah I am slowly overcoming my fears. I wake up in the morning and my mind is clear – I no longer worry and I just feel calm. My anger has completely faded. 

I would recommend Yoga to everyone. I am so grateful to my lovely teacher Sheena because I am so much happier now.

A message from  Madeline…

Yoga really helps me to relax and de-stress after a long week, which is especially useful the exam period where I find there is a lot of pressure. Furthermore, it has had a significant impact on strengthening my muscles as well as improving my fitness. 

Sheena’s class is the highlight of my week – she’s always so friendly and radiates positivity throughout the session. She’s always willing to help you if you find anything difficult, as well as keeping you motivated and enabling you to stretch your ability. 

I am always excited to try new poses, especially power poses, and I often find that I am capable of doing more than I initially thought and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. By the end of the session I always feel refreshed and amply positive and I cannot wait till the next session!


A message from Chi Kri Yoga Founder Neil Patel…

“Sheena is an exceptionally passionate, genuine and dedicated Yoga teacher. She cares deeply about her students, classes, and teaching – I get the impression she gives to her students the same high standards she expects from herself.

The thing that makes her special is that she values yoga and Chi Kri teachings – and uses them in her own life – and that faith and belief is evident in her classes. I personally have immense trust in her potential to deliver excellent yoga classes for many decades to come…”  


A message from Bhavin…

“I was in a rut at the gym and I had no motivation for exercise until I went Sheena’s Yoga trial session. My misconceptions of yoga evaporated in that one class and I was hooked!

Sheena is passionate about yoga and that shows through in her classes. I enjoy her varied classes with mixed abilities and ages with her carefully selected motivational music.

Time flies in each session with a balance of a warm up, mix of core, strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation techniques plus she gives words of inspiration and motivation to focus the mind.

It has helped with reducing my stress levels and I have never been so flexible. I have been going for over two years and can’t imagine life without Yoga. I would encourage anyone to attend one of Sheena’s many classes”

A message from S…

“I recently found myself in a pretty dark place, one where it seemed that life had got the better of me and despite being at work, on the train, even in my bed, my mind was full of 50 different thoughts all at the same time. I really didn’t like the thought of getting up in the morning to face the day. Having generally found myself to be a bubbly fun loving person I felt I had become a stranger to myself. I wasn’t sure who I was but I did know the person I was becoming was not the real me.

Having been to University with Sheena, we had deep conversations about yoga and life in general. She told me how she’s found that yoga really turned her life around. Social media, gyms, even health magazines/websites boast about the benefits of yoga but in all honesty it seemed hard to believe that a few stretches and being told to ‘breathe’ would really be the solution to my problems. Turns out I couldn’t have been further from the truth, it was just that and more…

After my first lesson with Sheena I felt strangely more relaxed and vibrant. And a bit more at ease within myself. Since then I’ve found myself hooked and actually can’t wait for the next lesson. Sheena is very clear in setting out each pose and makes the classes varied. She is very patient and helps give yoga a type of modern spin…one that connects to young people and elder.

While teaching us the benefits of each pose, Sheena’s lessons also help put life in perspective. It is a tough workout but what fun would it be if it wasn’t? She teaches us that life and situations are dependent on our outlook on them.

I’ve been attending Sheena’s weekly yoga lessons for just over a month now and can see the powerful influence they are having on my life. Not only do they make me feel reenergised, I feel I am in much better control of my thoughts and have just learnt to live in the moment. I’ve found myself a lot more connected to religion and God, something I did not want to lose. 

For anyone who feels they need to be a bit more control of their lives, feels a bit detached or that common feeling that ‘something is missing’ I highly recommend one of Sheena’s lessons. You’ll think she’s made out of rubber with the kind of poses she can do, but you will be happy she’s come into your life and brought yoga along with it!

Want to try a class? Click here to get in touch with me!




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