Who Created Chi Kri?

Chi Kri was founded in 1994 by Grandmaster Neil Patel who has 25 years of experience teaching Yoga and Meditation all over the world – including to many top companies like HSBC Bank and has authored many books on yoga. Check out the Chi Kri website – www.chikri.com – to get a taste of all the exciting things Chi Kri has been involved with!

Neil comes from a strong lineage of Yoga Teachers and Spiritual Masters. He first learnt Yoga from his mother Tara Patel – an exceptionally revered teacher and role model, who created the first ever televised BBC Yoga series in the UK.

Neil himself has demonstrated the power of his teachings through his own life. He has used Chi Kri Yoga and Meditation to overcome cancer – in 2000, his doctors diagnosed him as having a highly aggressive Grade 3 tumour in his left leg and predicted he only had one year to live without treatment…yet 14 years later he is still here today strong and healthy with no chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Watch this video to find out more about Neil’s story…


This unique symbol is the Chi Kri logo!

You may have seen this unique symbol (the Chi Kri Logo) in a few places!

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What does 'Chi Kri' mean?

Chi is the intelligent life force behind everything in the universe – including you! It exists in nature in the 5 elements, and it is the potency that we live off in air, food, sunlight, water, and so on.

Within you, Chi is your internal power – the fuel behind everything you do, think and feel. It’s also the subtle energy that heals your wounds when you are cut, that keeps your heart beating non-stop, and enables you to express yourself through speech and art.

Chi comes directly from your soul, and in it’s rawest form, it is pure and free from the ego. Yet, Chi is a neutral current of energy and can be used for positive or negative means. Martial artists like Bruce Lee have mastered control of their Chi and are able to harness their power and velocity extremely efficiently. 

In Chi Kri Yoga, Chi is used to develop the body so that it is strong, supple and youthful, calm the breath and nervous system through Pranayama, and cultivate laser like concentration for scientific meditation. It is also used to awaken higher spiritual centres (chakras) that stimulate intuition and creative expression of the soul.

Kri is a Sanskrit root verb which means “to do”. In the context of Chi Kri, Kri means acting – with the highest energy, which is Chi. It is based on the deeply revered teachings of Kriya Yoga and the Self-Realisation Fellowship, founded by Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.


What's special about Chi Kri?

Chi Kri students know that Chi Kri Yoga is so much more than just an exercise class – it is literally a Way of Life. 

The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yug’ which means ‘To Unite’ – and to me Chi Kri does exactly that.

Chi Kri is in always in tune with what is going on in the world, what people are going through, and what they need most in their lives right now.

Chi Kri strips away the formalities and brings the highest spiritual and scientific teachings of yoga taught by Masters in the ashrams to the streets – in a way that is tangible for us all to apply in our daily lives. 

it’s raw, it’s powerful, and it’s down to Earth.

Chi Kri classes are full of surprises! From Hip Hop Yoga, to Harry Potter Halloween Yoga, to a Chi Kri Christmas Yoga Party (see video on the left!), to a Michael Jackson Yoga night – you can guarantee that your Chi Kri Yoga class will be fun, creative, and energetic – whilst delivering an exceptionally high standard of physical and metaphysical teachings. 

It’s not who you are on the outside that matters at Chi Kri, it’s your soul that counts – the person you are inside. 

Chi Kri gives you the freedom to be yourself, and upholds a respectful and open minded attitude to all.

And that’s why Chi Kri classes are so popular and you find such a diverse mix of students of all ages and backgrounds happily doing Yoga under one roof – as you can see in the videos! 

In a world that is so divided and confused, I am blessed to say I found my home and my soul at Chi Kri. 





The 8 Limbs of Chi Kri

Chi Kri is a life philosophy incorporating eight different areas, collectively known as ‘The 8 Limbs of Chi Kri’.

They consist of 4 traditional limbs of yoga:

1. Hatha Yoga   2. Meditation   3. Pranayama   4. Relaxation

And 4 unique Chi Kri limbs which are essential for a balanced life in today’s world:

5. Diet   6. Mind Yoga   7. Creativity   8. Yogic Science

Together these 8 limbs are essential in living a successful, balanced, and well rounded life on Earth today and are not restricted to any religion or faith.

The 8 Limbs of Chi Kri is a complete system, and practising them regularly and in a disciplined manner will be the key to your development spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

You can enter the Chi Kri system through any limb, and at any point in your life. It will not hold you to it, and it will not hold you back.

The Chi Kri Octopus will tell you more about the 8 Limbs below!


1. Hatha Yoga

Just like a tree needs healthy roots to keep it grounded and help it grow, looking after the physical body is paramount, as it is the housing for all the work you do. Hatha yoga develops your strength, suppleness and stamina, and works on all the major systems of the body – nervous, muscular, skeletal, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and so on.

Regular practise releases blocked energy in the system through opening up the chakras and clears up common problems like back pain, fatigue, and poor circulation. It also improves immunity and longevity, and has several mental benefits including improving memory and concentration as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

Unlike most other systems of exercise, all yoga poses are intelligently designed to work internally as well as externally – thus you can expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed after practicing Chi Kri Yoga. Through feeling more grounded and comfortable in their own skin, many students find that yoga has helped them deal with life’s challenges in an increasingly peaceful and positive manner.

Have a read of my ‘About Me’ page to hear my story of how Chi Kri Yoga gave me so much muscle control and balance that it saved me from having to undergo major surgery on my left knee!


2. Meditation

Meditation the most precious gift we have been given as humans. In meditation, you close your eyes for a few moments and leave behind the chaotic world.

You calm your mind and reach a place within you that is unconditionally peaceful and happy – impenetrable by the elements, unreachable by the voices of others, and unbreakable by fear, negativity and sorry. 

When you relax by going on holiday, or by engaging in a leisure pursuit, you experience is conditioned by external circumstances – but meditation is therefore available for you whenever you want it.

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool and is now often offered as a treatment for depression, anxiety and panic attacks by medical professionals. 

It is also offered in workplaces as a means of stress-relief; and many top companies including HSBC have found Chi Kri Meditations to be the perfect and simple anti-dote to their busy lifestyles. 


3. Mind Yoga

“All battles are first won in the Mind” – Neil Patel

This limb is all about connecting your soul with the world via the mind! It’s about making your mind your best friend, leading your soul to success and victory… instead of your worst enemy, taking your through the depths of darkness and misery!

The human mind is powerful beyond measure – and if used wisely and intelligently, it can even conquer seemingly indestructible diseases like cancer, as demonstrated by Chi Kri’s Director Neil Patel.

Through effective mind-programming techniques like Affirmations, deep-rooted negative thought patterns of fear, failure, disease and misery are removed and replaced with positive patterns of strength, success, peace, health and happiness.

4. Pranayama

The mind and the breath are intrinsically linked via the nervous system. 

That’s why when you’re panicking and your thoughts are racing at 100 mph, your heart is racing and your breathing is rapid and unsteady – but when you’re calm and peaceful, your breath is also steady and relaxed.

The ancient Yogic art of Pranayama is all about using calming your mind through controlling your breath. 

Chi Kri teaches a wide range of simple, yet powerful techniques that you can practise anywhere for instant calmness like The Chi Kri Trinity Breath, The Chi Kri Square Breath, The Chi Kri Rectangle Breath and The Chi Kri Aum Shanti Technique.

These are perfect for busy people who don’t have much time – companies like HSBC Bank use Chi Kri’s quick techniques to keep their staff healthy and stress free.


5. Creativity

Humans are essentially “feeling” beings. This is what separates us from the machines we create. There is an energy within all beings that requires a connection with others. We are all fragments of the same whole, and part of our function on this earth is to unite. The process of connection requires a medium; that is expression. Whether that be writing, singing, music, art, speaking, or anything else, the connecting force of one soul to another on this earth needs to be adhered to for true happiness.

Many people do not realize that stress, tension, anger etc can all have their base in repressed emotions, or trapped feelings. Creativity is a more tempered way of getting those feelings out. Anger is another release, but it is destructive and doesn’t allow any development or progress from the source of irritation. Whereas expressing yourself with intelligence allows yourself and others to perhaps study and see the root cause of the “problem” – and help resolve it.

Creativity is like a plumber. It unearths mental and emotional covers and blockages and brings them out in a “beautiful” way. Even a poem about death and depression is beautiful, because it marks a path someone is making towards happiness i.e. they are releasing dark sentiments, which in time will be fully evacuated, leaving a more philosophical and ultimately spiritual expression.


6. Relaxation

Pratyahara – total relaxation and sense withdrawal is so necessary in today’s hectic world where burn out, stress, fatigue, depression and so on are buzz-words of our time.

We don’t know how to stop or slow down – and even when we want to relax, we find ourselves unable to do so as our mind’s are still racing beyond our control.

That’s why 1 in 2 of us has a sleeping problem in the UK – and even when we do fall asleep, we often don’t wake up refreshed because our subconscious minds have been active throughout the night.

Chi Kri teaches you to relax deeply by consciously withdrawing energy from the senses, mind and the external world, and instead taking it inwards to recharge the body, let go off emotions, and bring peace to the mind.

Our lives can be super busy, and we can’t always go on holiday when we need some time out…but there are techniques we can learn that will help us relax deeply in just a few minutes in the comfort of our own homes.


7. Yogic Science

There are so many questions about life and the universe we have, but cant seem to find any complete answers to!

What is the purpose of life?

What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? What’s a Soul? What’s Karma? What’s a Chakra?

Who created the universe, and who sustains it?

Is there a God?

If there is and if He loves us, why are there so many problems in the world, and why do we suffer so much?

There so many religions out there – which one is telling the Truth? 

I’ve heard Einstein believes in God….and Steve Job’s first book on his iPad was ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda!

What’s the link between science and spirituality? And what’s all this stuff I keep reading about Telepathy and Time-travelling?

In this deeply fascinating limb, these questions are finally answered!

The science of creation and metaphysics of yoga as taught by the Vedas is explored – right from the beginnings of creation and the universe, all the way down to the purpose of life in a human being in today’s world.


8. Diet

Not enough can be said about looking after what you take into the body!

From WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, HOW to eat, WHY you are eating, and even WHERE to eat, this limb gives advice from ancient systems like Ayurveda, through more modern western thinking and principles of diet.

Eating properly can ensure that your energy levels remain constant during the day, that your body does not have to store toxins for you, and that what you do eat does get converted into fuel, and not just passed through the system without assimilation.

Everything you need to know about food, diet, and having a healthy relationship with your food psychologically and physically is revealed in Neil Patel and Chi Kri’s fascinating book: ‘The 10 Principles of Perfect Eating’.