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“Go home and do whatever yoga you are doing!” – My Surgeon

You want to know why I LOVE Chi Kri Yoga? Read on…

For almost all my life, I couldn’t walk without falling over. To the extent that people have told me things like I should just “join the circus” and I will “get nowhere in life…nobody will want to marry such a spaz!”

Since I was 6 years old, my knees kept dislocating constantly – I was forced to give up most forms of exercise that I loved (running, dancing, and martial arts were definitely out of the question), and I absolutely dreaded P.E. lessons at school. Physiotherapy didn’t help much, and after several trips to hospitals around the country, when I was 18 the doctors finally concluded I needed specialist major surgery on both legs to correct this so I wouldn’t end up in a wheelchair in my early 30’s.

At 19, I had the surgery on my right leg during my Uni Summer Holidays. A couple of weeks after I came out of hospital, I found myself despondent at being stuck indoors on my birthday on crutches whilst the rest of world was enjoying the sunshine. So on my birthday evening, having nothing better to do, I decided to tag along with my dad to Grandmaster Neil Patel’s Chi Kri Yoga class where I just sat at the back and joined in the meditation. I had no interest in yoga, I just needed to get out of the house for some fresh air – yet this turned out to be one of the most special birthdays of my life, and I am so blessed I ended up there…


…as 4 years on (just before I turned 23), I went back to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to set a date for my knee operation on my left leg – yet after looking at my X-rays and testing my balance, my surgeon was astounded to conclude that Chi Kri Yoga has given me so much muscle control that I no longer needed the second surgery! 

He actually told me to ‘go home and do whatever yoga you are doing’  and that’s when I realized how special Chi Kri Yoga was to me, and just how much of a positive difference it had made to my life.

lots of yogaClick here to see an article published by ‘Lots of Yoga’ featuring                      my story and tips on how to use Yoga to help your knees! 

I kept in touch daily with Neil whilst studying at Warwick University, and in addition to Yoga poses, he taught me Chi Kri Meditation techniques and Yoga Philosophy to help me find my peace, stability and strength in a world that can be so unpredictable. 

I found through my own experiences that together these were the perfect antidotes to burnout, fatigue, and anxiety – they enabled me to tap into and express the colour and happiness that I knew were somewhere deep inside me, but I felt I had lost for a while. 

It seems the world is starting to waking up to the power of Yoga and Meditation too – Doctors from Harvard Medical School and Oxford University are prescribing them as treatments for Depression, and managers from top companies including HSBC are using Chi Kri Meditations to stay calm and reduce stress.

My life is now dedicated to passing on everything I’ve learnt from Chi Kri to as many people as I can, including children, teenagers and university students. Qualifying as a Platinum Standard Chi Kri Yoga Teacher and continuing to work and train closely with Neil fuels my passion to bring about the best in everyone I teach – physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that they can experience the magic of Chi Kri for themselves. 

The Chi Kri teachings are so deeply ingrained in my soul that wherever I go, they come along with me. Literally…I’ve been spotted Meditating on the Tube, doing Pigeon Pose in Trafalgar Square, and upside down in Wheels and Headstands in Waterloo!

Thank you for patiently hearing my story! Here are a few words from Chi Kri Grandmaster Neil Patel who awarded me my Gold Standard Chi Kri Teacher Certification in March 2014…

“Sheena is an exceptionally passionate, genuine and dedicated Chi Kri Yoga teacher. She cares deeply about her students, classes, and teaching – I get the impression she gives to her students the same high standards she expects from herself. The thing that makes her special is that she values yoga and Chi Kri teachings – and uses them in her own life – and that faith and belief is evident in her classes. I personally have immense trust in her potential to deliver excellent yoga classes for many decades to come…” 

– Chi Kri Grandmaster, Neil Patel 

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